Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cowboy Evening @ Bobcat Pass!!

Evin and I had no idea of the real treat we were in for on the 4th of July. Henry & Sue Lewis, the owners of "BOBCAT PASS ADVENTURES", invited us, along with Angel Fire RV Resort Manager Jim Anderson and his family, to come enjoy the Chuck Wagon Dinner & Western Music Show at their Moreno Valley Cowboy Evening.

In their advertisement brochure there is a statement that really speaks of the evening's experience for us, "Henry and Sue Lewis and Family invite you to join them in an adventure of a lifetime. If the fresh air and beautiful scenery doesn't take your breath away, then our hospitality will." I cannot think of a better way to describe our evening with the Lewis Family.

Henry & Sue Lewis
Owners of Bobcat Pass Adventures
NM Hwy 38, Red River, NM
(575) 754-2769

By the time we arrived at 5pm a crowd was already gathering for the very popular event. From mid-June till Labor Day weekend the Lewis Family host the Cowboy Evenings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Reservations are required.

If I had looked closer at Henry's vehicle I would have known what a special treat we were in for tonight.

Above and below is the doorway to a great dinner and entertainment and/or outdoor adventures of the four-legged or four-wheeled kind.

 Our "crew", from the  left -  Evin, Jim, Janet, Michael, Lorraine and Caydyn.

Above, Henry and some of his Wranglers are about to cook up some steaks and chicken!! While we were waiting for the cooks to do their thing I walked around, camera in hand, and took in all the busy activities.

Michael and Lorraine made a special trip to Taos to buy cowboy and cowgirl hats for the occasion!!

As we drove up a group of riders was coming in from an afternoon trail ride.

Bobcat Pass Adventures also has ATV & T-Rex Tours and offers snowmobiling in the winter months.

Adults and children alike were enjoying all the fun activities!! Can you find the horseshoe in the above photo?

Dinner is served and entertainers perform inside the metal barn that is to the left in the above photo. So, don't let the threat of a summer rain during monsoon season deter you.

This "cowpoke" looks like he is tired from a long ride on the trail!!

Michael Smith sang for us while our dinners were cooking

 Lorraine and Janet grabbed some coffee and me some grape lemonade.

Tracy got her dad, Henry, to take time away from the charcoal cooker for a photo op!!

Janet and Jim hug up granddaughter Caydyn!!

A reminder that it was the 4th of July!!

A family takes time to record a special moment's memory. Look at that beautiful smile on the little one. I think she has posed before!!

Diana holds "Daisy", the yodeling pup!! Both are the better half of the night's star attraction.

Jim takes a well deserved break with a cup of  cowboy coffee!!

Before we know it, DINNER IS SERVED!!

Michael gives that "cowboy look" of "Partner, don't think about grabbing my plate!!"

And, "YES!!", dinner was as good as it looks!!

BUT... was tonight's entertainment --- SYD MASTERS!!

Syd is an awarding winning singer and songwriter of traditional western music. He is the author and recording artist of the Official State Song of New Mexico, "Under New Mexico Skies" as well as one of my favorites, "Frying Bacon In The Nude". Check them both out on YouTube.

Syd and Lonnie really put on a great show!!

While the rest of my crew was enthralled, I slipped out near sunset and took just a few more shots of the beauty on Bobcat Pass. Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere I looked...

As daylight faded, it was time to hit the road and take in more wonder. After all, it was the 4th of July and Eagle Nest and its annual pyrotechnics display awaited us...

I don't know what you see in the right top of the fireworks above; but, I see a great big HEART!!

It is a sign and a reminder of the wonderful family that we just had the privilege of spending an evening with on their little piece of Heaven on Earth, enjoying their warm hospitality...

Thanks to the Henry & Sue and the rest of the LEWIS FAMILY!!


  1. What the temperature up there? Noticed no one was in shorts.

    1. When we got to Bobcat Pass if was maybe 70 degrees. But, it was threatening rain so everyone dressed for the worse. It is over 10,000 feet where we were. Beautiful place and we had lots of fun. One of our best 4th of July's ever!!