Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Millicent Rogers Museum - Taos, New Mexico

As I have noted in other post of PUPPY PATHS, after close to two months in our four visits to the Taos area, TODAY, Evin and I finally made a turn off Hwy 68/64 a few miles North of downtown Taos onto Millicent Rogers Road. Proceed 8/10th's of a mile and the Millicent Rogers Museum entrance is on your right. Were we ever in for a wonderful, far exceeding our expectations, treat!!

Entrance of the Millicent Roger Museum.

One should note that the Millicent Rogers Museum won 1st Place in the 17th Annual Taos News "Best of Taos" People's Choice Awards for 2015.

There are more than a dozen galleries within the walls of the museum. The collection includes paintings, jewelry, pottery (prehistoric & modern ceramics from the region), traditional & contemporary Hispanic religious and domestic arts which includes furniture & textiles, as well as Zuni and Hopi kachina figures.

I have purposefully limited the number of photographs in this post. I want the reader to be as surprised and amazed as Evin and I were when we visited the museum. I just want to get you to the door...

Millicent Rogers Museum
1504 Millicent Roger Road
Taos, New Mexico  87571
(575) 758-2462
Hours:  10;10 AM - 5 PM
Closed Mondays November - March

According to Wikipedia, "In 1956, the Millicent Rogers family founded the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, New Mexico. Initially the artworks were from the multi-cultural collections of Millicent Rogers and her mother, Mary B. Rogers, who donated many of the first pieces of Taos Pueblo art. In the 1980s, the museum was the first cultural organization in New Mexico to offer a comprehensive collection of Hispanic art."

Photo of Millicent Rogers
Millicent Rogers Museum

Millicent Rogers, known as a fashion icon, was the Standard Oil heiress also know for her relationships with the legendary Hollywood actor Clark Gable, the author Ian Fleming of "James Bond" fame, the Prince of Wales and other European royalty. She championed the cause of Native American civil rights.

Photo of Millicent Roger
Millicent Rogers Museum

View of the courtyard of the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Photo of just a mere fraction of the jewelry collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum.

One of my favorite pieces of art at the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Just one representation of the religious art collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum.

A weaving by an unknown Navajo artist at the Millicent Rogers Museum. Note the subject matter three rows up from the bottom is a RV trailer being pulled by a car.

A weaving loom at the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Religious art in the Millicent Rogers Museum collection.

Religious art in the Millicent Rogers Museum art collection.

Just part of the modern pottery art collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Evin admiring some of the Native American pottery collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Couldn't resist one shot of the above flowers with busy bees and a grasshopper.

As Evin drove off from the Millicent Rogers Museum I took time to take one last photo. We hope to return to the museum without a camera and just take in all the the museum has to offer at out leisure. Art lovers could easily spend the better part of their day there.  

Evin and I left clearly understanding and appreciating why the Millicent Rogers Museum won the 2015 People's Choice Award 1st Place for Best of Taos and why it is ranked the #2 Must See Attraction in Taos on TripAdvisor.


  1. this is a wonderful post, Steve and Evin! really enjoyed the photos

    1. Wish "Big Steve" and you could have been here with us!!