Monday, April 13, 2015

The West-side of Springdale!!

We have really enjoyed the restaurants of Springdale. There are no fast-food or chain restaurants. The prices at the local small grocery stores are higher than the mountains around them. So, this afternoon Evin, the PUPS and I headed twenty-seven miles west of town to Hurricane where the closest Walmart is located. On the way going and coming back I had to stop from time to time when something caught my eyes...

Above is what I first saw from a distance when I was taking the shots immediately below. The yellow flowers I featured earlier in this post are what caught my eyes.

The sun was setting behind us as we headed East to Springdale. Daylight was fading fast, but, I couldn't resist stopping on the side of the highway and taking the last few scenic shots...

What a beautiful drive to the grocery store!!

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