Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best Friends/Kanab Roadtrip!!

In May 2010, the PUPS, Evin and I set out on a PATH to Utah and Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. We were on Interstate 40 in Tennessee heading West and my cell phone rings. It is our RVing friends Bill and Linda inviting us to come join them along with's Howard and Linda Payne in Thunder Bay, Michigan for four days over Memorial Day weekend. Bill said, "It is only an eight hundred mile detour!!"

I talked Evin into the detour and four days soon turned into four months in Michigan and Wisconsin. Needless to say, we didn't make it to Kanab and Best Friends that year. By the time we got to Utah it was over a hundred degrees and we headed north for cooler weather. Evin has reminded me of that from time to time, so, yesterday we left Zion Canyon and headed to Kanab...

...and Evin has finally arrived at

Can you tell that Evin is in "PUPPY HEAVEN"?!?!
Notice the bird dogs on her coat!! She dressed for the occasion.

The PUPS get to go on the tour also!! Above, a quick photo while we are waiting for the shuttle van.

But first, I will share a little of the scenery we stopped to take in on the way out of Zion Canyon and on the way back south to Kanab...

I just had to take another photo of the hedgehog cactus with my cell phone camera.

Soon after we leave the park the terrain really changes...

We go into Kanab and see the first fast-food restaurant we had seen in almost a week. 

When we got back to the "T" intersection of Highways 89 and 9 I decided to go North on Highway 89 toward Bryce Canyon National Park for just a few miles. My instincts paid off because we came upon this peaceful valley in Mt. Carmel, Utah. Had I waited I would have been driving the motorhome towing the car and may have not been able to pull over and take the above shot and the similar ones I took that follow...

We get back on Highway 9 and soon I see a shot that I just have to take of...

...four bison on a far hillside, The above shot was take with my the maximum zoom on my camera lens.

As we entered Zion National Park and approached Springdale the sun was setting. I had planned to took some shots near the Visitors Center where the light was fading. It was so dark that the flash was going off and I got the following results...

The PUPS, Evin and I had a full day. I am happy that Evin finally got to see Best Friends. Another nice day and beautiful  Utah PATH!!


  1. delicious wonderful scenics. so many look like postcards ready to print. i love the ones with your vehicle in them too.

    1. Thank you. Wish "Big Steve" and you were here with us!!