Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leaving Arizona!!

With heavy hearts, Evin, the PUPS and I left Payson, Arizona after a month with our friends Chuck & Gerry, Patti & Jim, and our friends in the "Payson Street Walkers". As you may have already seen, our PATH led us to Utah. Our plans are to spend a week each at Zion, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks.

Our dear friend Chuck looked after both Evin and me by making us walking sticks from Agave plants that we found on one of our hikes...

Chuck surprised me with two walking sticks for my birthday!!
Thank you, "Driver"!!!!

 Before leaving Payson we took a drive up to the Mogollon Rim.

We saw an elk on her way to do some grocery shopping at the lake campstore!!

On April 9th the PUPS, Evin and I set out on a PATH from Arizona to Utah and Zion National Park.

The bridge at Lake Powell.

  Getting near Zion National Park...

 ...and finally entering Zion National Park!! 
Been trying to get here since we started RVing.

 We finally made it to Zion Canyon RV Resort Campground. After a rest we took the PUPS on an evening drive west of Springdale.

 The sun is setting and catching the sides if the mountain ahead...

Sunset our first night in Zion National Park.

After 20+ years I am having my second piece of Bumbleberry Pie from the Bumbleberry Inn's Gift Shop in Springdale, Utah!!

Hey "Driver", above are two photos of the hike Evin thinks you should go on. We would need more than two walking sticks to do this one!!!! If you complete this hike you deserve an entire Bumbleberry pie!!

Wish our children and grandchildren, Payson friends, Chipper Dale, and North Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida RVing friends were here with us. The PUPS, Evin and I miss you all!!!! 

Come join us and the pie is on us!!!!

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