Friday, December 20, 2013

What Else? Another Sunset & More of Perry's Roses

The fact that it is December 20th gives me few options on one of my favorite pastimes - taking photos of flowers in the area where we are currently living. The Houston, Texas area is not the same climate of where we spent the past two winters, Marathon, Florida. Consequently, colder weather means fewer flowers to photograph. Where it not for Perry I do not know what I would do. Move West and South I guess.

However, unless it is a cloudy evening like today, there is always a sunset to take a shot or two of if the PUPS and I get outside and take a walk at sunset...

The sun hadn't set. It was just behind the clouds.

Each time I edit the photos I have taken on a particular day I look for ways to improve. Is there a better angle or should I shoot at a certain time of day depending on my subject. Do I use flash or not?

Today I tried to shoot the same flowers I shot two days ago at a different angle and in some cases, closer...

The above photo is the first photo shown in this post, only cropped closer and thus it is larger and give one the impression it was taken closer than the first photo.

The above rose bud is the one two days ago had a pink tip!

Do I hear a honey bee in the middle of
December after several hard freezes?!?!


Can you see the honey bee in the above shot?




A little closer look.

Perry has four or five rose bushes and it is December 20th. He told me yesterday that I had to come back in the Spring and see what his roses really look like at their prime. I can hardly wait!!

Did I improve on my photo taking skills of similar shots that I took of Perry's roses during the past week?? 70 degree weather got some tight buds blooming!!!!

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