Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve @ Moody Gardens!!

Evin and I spent the day at Moody Gardens. Tonight, we returned for a nighttime paddle wheel boat ride around Galveston Bay and took in the...

Festival Of Lights!!

Warning!! I took a lot of shots of the same subject from different angles.
Happy New Year!!



Happy New Years!!...
...from MOODY GARDENS!!!!


  1. Steve, we enjoyed every one of these. The colors so amazing. you did a wonderful job. isn't it fun shooting holiday lights!! I love it too. Congratulations. Now you are shooting every different type of subject well! You old pro you!!

  2. We have not been to Galveston, but may go this spring or summer. Where are you staying? Beautiful pictures. What is inside those pyramids?

  3. Rain forest in one and aquarium in the other. Did not go into the third one, seems it was a movie and musical theme for children. Really enjoyed Galveston, Down around the wharf was nice shops and restaurants.