Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Walk In Cinco Ranch

Evin and I spent the afternoon with AZ and Whit. It was finally a beautiful and warm day. I took a walk around Cinco Ranch with my Nikon.

With all the cold weather and recent heavy rains, I wanted to see if there were any flowers still worth taking photos of on December 1. As Evin and I drove in it appeared that most of the flowers were gone and that the roses were well beyond their prime.


Roses were still budding!!

Some were in full bloom!!

Above is represented the "Stages of Life"!!

The blossom above is one of my all-time favorites!!
As is the one below...
Before I knew it, I was back at Amber & Trent's house...
...and I think the walk was well worth my efforts.
Again, it often pays to take time to smell the roses and their friends!!

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