Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some I Missed & Some New Today

Several weeks ago I had two shots of an orange flower that I did not use in a post. So, today, I decided to look for that flower and found a few that I had overlooked...

Today I planned to take the day off with regards to my parents. However, my father called and needed me so I made the trip to Abernethy Laurels. On the way out I stopped and took a few shots of the geraniums at the entrance to the skilled nursing facility...

I then stopped a flower garden I had seen many times on my way to and from Abernethy Laurels. I stopped and got permission from the owner who I found out was a childhood friend of my good RVing friend Zell Setzer. The sun was way to bright but I took a few shots anyway...

I am still looking for the orange flower photo.

1 comment:

  1. The spider on the coneflower is awesome! Love the photos. My Dad passed last year and he loved flower gardens - your blog images are helping to keep him close to my heart. Thanks.