Friday, August 2, 2013

Gloria's Extraordinary Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evin met my father and me for a late lunch at my father's favorite restaurant. After we finished eating our great lunch we met by chance a mother and daughter, Gail and Melissa. They asked where Evin's car tag was from. I told them, "South Dakota".

We got to talking and I just happened to mentioned my passion for taking photos of flowers. The daughter, Melissa, offered to called her next door neighbor, Gloria, and see if I could come take some photos of her garden. Melissa told me that Gloria's garden was, "Extraordinary!!!!"...

Melissa said that we had to go to Gloria's backyard to see what she was talking about. So we rounded the corner of the house and the above is my first view of what was in store for me...

Next I saw a butterfly on a beautiful flower and knew I was in for a treat. What follows is the most photos I have ever put on a blog post. There would have even been more but I was there in full sun and some angles just did not work.

I hope to go back to Gloria's yard again. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon - the best times to shoot outdoor photos or just after a gentle rain would also be great.

I have not arranged the photos in any order, pretty much what follows in the order they were taken...


Not sure if the crepe myrtle was in Gloria's yard or not. Just couldn't resist shooting a shot or two before I left. Thank you Gloria for sharing your extraordinary yard. A special thanks to Melissa for such a special, special treat!!


  1. WOW!!!!!! Great photos the flowers and butterflies are just awesome!
    My very favorite is the closeup with the honey bee - a brilliant composition and clarity of focus. Y DA FLOWER MAN!!!!!

  2. Such a kind compliment from a true artist I respect so much. A sincere thank you.