Friday, February 1, 2013

The Last Two Days of January 2013

We spent the last two days of January with great friends and had loads of fun. Went to Key Fishers and had a wonderful meal; but, I didn't take the camera. When I had the camera, there were some great subjects to shoot...

Let's start with a gorgeous sunset!! By the way, these shots are as taken...

Boiled shrimp dinner with (left front clockwise) Mike, Judy, Dianna, Tim, Evin, Terry, Diane, and Walt.

We had some "winged" entertainment fly by...

And a four legged furry friend...


Punky says, "Where are the T-A-C-O-S !?!?!?"

Bonnie & Jack

Steve (me) and Jack

Mike & Judy


Walt & Diane

Diann & Tim



From the left, Bonnie, Jack, Pam, Evin, Doug, Nancy & Mark.

Bonnie & "Clyde"

"Love Birds" in Paradise!!!!!!!!

The sun has set!!! 

Wonderful times with RVing friends!!!!

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