Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pelicans and then some more pelicans... And a seagull or two...

Been trying to get pelicans flying with the sun at my back. Evin's and my friend, Walt, wanted some close-ups of pelicans flying. Hard to do at Knights Key because most fishing boats return from fishing in the afternoon and the cleaning station faces the evening sun. The pelicans would fly in to feed on fish cleaning scraps with the sun to their backs. Today, a fisherman came in a little earlier and I had a slightly better sun situation...

(Click on any photo to enlarge.)
What are you looking at?!?!? Is this close enough Walt????


 Swimmers Ear!!

Making off with a meal!!
Feeding frenzy!!


 Taking Off!!


 Landing II!!


It's late, may add some more pics later...

Who is that guy with a camera??

Sailing By Paradise!!

Blue, green, yellow & white!!

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