Saturday, February 23, 2013

Martha & Gerry On The Old 7 Mile Bridge!!

Tonight I headed on my bike to the Old 7 Mile Bridge to see if perhaps the sun was now setting between the two bridges. It is doing just that and later on in this post I will have shots of the nice couple I shared a sensational sunset with --- Martha & Gerry...
(Click on any photo to enlarge.)

 Sun Setting Over Pigeon Key & The Old 7 Mile Bridge
February 23, 2013 @
Sun Setting Between The Two 7 Mile Bridges!!
An Embrase @ Sunset On The Old 7 Mile Bridge
Februrary 23, 2013 @ 6:07:56 PM #1755-001

Walking On - Hand In Hand
The Sun Rest On The Old 7 Mile Bridge!!
February 23, 2013 @ 6:07:59 PM #1758-006
This is Martha & Gerry.

Blue Moon


  1. Love these photos from Old Seven!! I miss being down there. It's snowing here now.

  2. My fave's are 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16.
    and the last moon shot.
    you must have a really long lens steve.
    these are ALLL WONDERFUL,
    not just my favorites.
    soon you will be making portraits for money!!