Saturday, August 1, 2015


Newell Coach Corporation of Miami, Oklahoma is famous in the RV world for introducing diesel power in 1972 and rear engines to motor coaches. Newell builds their own chassis and created the first motorhome with a basement.

Currently, Newell custom builds 26 coaches a year with an average transaction price of $1.8 million. Each coach is 45 feet long and takes six months to construct, assembled by 165 workers. Basically, everything but the engines and transmissions are constructed in-house

If you are interesting in the top luxury coach in the RV world contact Phil Cornelius by email or phone for a viewing. He plans to be available for showings of the Newell Coach at Angel Fire RV Resort through August 12th. Open house is this coming Thursday through Saturday from 10am - 4pm.



  1. your interior portraits are fantastic, as you have balanced the light with the brighter exterior. GREAT JOB, MEDIUM STEVE!!!!!!!!!!