Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Colorado Gold!!

The loss of Doodlebug is still very fresh on my heart. During these times I find it comforting to focus on the many blessings in my life. Our trip to Colorado Springs and visit with Aidan on Sunday and our mutual sharing of the beauty of Nature found in these flowers in the majestic Garden of the Gods was one such blessing.

Aidan's captivating smile and positive attitude is another special blessing. It reminded me of our first visit with him 19 years ago in Alaska on his first birthday. On Sunday I asked Aidan if he remembered our first time together and he just shrugged and smiled. I told him that I sure remembered.

On Sunday as Evin, Eddie, Bumble and I drove into Aidan's Academy foster family's driveway to pick him up, my phone rang. It was my dear friend and photography mentor, Carol Ann. She was calling to check of us, as special friends do for one another, and to see how we were doing and where we were. 

Carol Ann and I chatted briefly and shared fond memories of Doodle, Eddie and me meeting "Big Steve" and her in Norman, Oklahoma last year about this time. It was there that Carol Ann showed me the wonders of back-lighting on flowers. I can see us sitting outside our motorhomes in the evenings near the garden center where Carol Ann shared her talents and Doodle taking turns going from one lap to another, spreading her love. 

Though I was missing Doodle, as I was taking the above photos I smiled and was thankful. New memories were made Sunday and I could still see the beauty that was around me. I was double blessed to share it with Aidan. He was standing beside me when I took the photos of the golden flowers and "Big Steve" and Carol Ann were there in my mind. Doodlebug was there is memory and spirit. Doodle would be happy that I can still see beauty, a trait we shared.

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  1. Steve, your writing is so beautiful and eloquent. It is a joy to read. I will always remember how Doodlebug appointed herself the official Welcome Ambassador of your bus. She truly was being affectionate to guests by sitting on their lap. That's a treat for the doggy worshippers among us. After one lesson on back lighting flowers, you took off and have made a year of spectacular and breathtaking images. I think your flower images are a tribute of love to Doodle, who loved to accompany you. You will always think of her when you are out "doodling". Take care and thank you for mentioning Steve and I. We treasure your friendship.