Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Deer Tenderloin Supreme!!

Last night Evin and I were in for a real treat, deer tenderloin cooked to perfection!! Chuck and Gerry invited us over for dinner with Chuck's niece, Teresa, aka:  "Baby Dumpling", and her husband, Mike, who were visiting from Missouri.

Chuck and Gerry had never eaten venison and were a little hesitant and anxious. Evin had never eaten any that tasted good to her. Tonight would be different, thanks to "Chef Mike", we were all in for a very pleasant culinary surprise that far exceeded our expectations...

 Uncle Chuck and Teresa.

"Chef" Mike with deer tenderloin just off the grill!!

Teresa, Emy and Mike.

Gerry at her dinner table.

The meat was so tender you could literally cut it with a butter knife!!

Umm umm good!!

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