Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tent Rocks!!

Tent Rocks is just across the Rio Grande from the PUPS and my current location at Tetilla Peak Campground. Tent Rocks or 

Kasha-Katuwe National Monument is one of my favorite PATHS in all our travels. Stayed tuned and you will soon see why!! I warn you that the Nikon was constantly being snapped!! I may just have broken my record for the most photos taken in one day!! 

And, as you will soon see, the trip/climb was quite a challenge for me with my bum right leg.

Paula and Trish pose before we look for the way in.

The entrance to the slot canyon and the climb to the top!!

And "Yes", there were some cacti in full-bloom as seen below!!

Below is a photo of what one first sees as you start on the trail to the "Tent Rocks". You wonder is there a way in or a way to the top of the mountains.

You soon learn that it is a slot canyon and as you will soon see, the trail gets a little narrow in places. I was warned by one of my WIN friends to not try the climb with my knee. But I went prepared. I took my walking sticks and wore my knee brace and carried plenty of water for the 2 mile plus hike that at times was straight up!!

Doug taking a photo of Paula.

I took a photo of Doug taking a photo of Sherry, Paula and Trish.

Doug and Paula.

Remember this tree trunk. We will see it again later!!

The above photo gives one a little idea of the size scale of the slot canyon. Paula, Sherry, Doug and Trish are made to look small.

And as I said before, there were so very narrow places to maneuver.

What do you see in this photo? Is this place like something out of "Star Wars" or what?!?!?

Next are the formations that gave this place its name!!

Do you see "Bullwinkle's" shadow?!?!?

The shot above without people and the shot below with people.

So I have photographic evidence that I made it to the top. Below I take a few shots of the view from several angles and we soon start down. I am holding on to my hat for a reason. We had quite a wind on top!!

Maximum zoom and the hikers below still looked small!!

British Vogue magazine was doing a photo shoot. So I followed suit and did a shoot or two myself!!

Tired as we were we hiked to the cave. It was not that impressive.

Was more impressed with the length of the lizard's tail!!

I believe that is the peak we just climbed up and down!!

I was proud of myself for sticking to it and making it to the top. The view was well worth my effort!!
 Hope you enjoyed our adventure!!

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