Sunday, July 20, 2014

Plaza Blanca and surrounding area!! Part Two of "Decision Day @ Abiquiu"

On June 4, I did a post about trying to decide which direction to go in. If you have been keeping up with the blog you know where we have been since that day. Today, I am also trying to decide which direction to head in. I feel Tennessee and North Carolina calling. Tonight I got a call from my friend Carolyn and she decided to go back on the road from her home in Idaho. There is a large WIN group on the West Coast. Decisions!! Decisions!!

June was a very busy month for the PUPS and me. In fact, so busy that I didn't have enough time to post photos of a lot of the places we went and the PATHS we crossed. I promised a Part Two to the June 4 post and this is it. A very special place was Plaza Blanca and a dirt PATH not far from there. Recently I talked with several people that have lived and camped in this area for years and they had not been to this place of wonder.

Above is a PATH to beauty, wonder and adventure. Plaza Blanca is truly a magical place!!

I see an unusual rock formation ahead.

Does this look like a standing bear pointing the way or what?!?!?

Plaza Blanca is one of if not the most photographed areas in New Mexico. As I am leaving I can't help but see that there are some beautiful flowers blooming in the desert. I also wonder what is on the other side of the rock formations at Plaza Blanca. I will look for a PATH that will lead the PUPS and me to the other side...

Suddenly I see this PATH off to my right. I know that the PUPS would like nothing better than to get out and run...

...and run Eddie does!!

There were some truly beautiful sites down County Road 0155.

We get back to the campground and take another walk. Again, New Mexico is truly the "Land of Enchantment"!!

The PUPS take a well deserved rest in the shade. There was a lot to see on our PATH that day!!

Back to today...


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