Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"On Track Arts" - Texas Highway 90 - A Window into the Past!!

On January 11 (my son Chan's 45th birthday) of this year I was travelling west on Interstate 10 and came upon a detour because of a serious accident. The detour took me down Texas Highway 90 and was I ever in for a treat. It was like I was "looking into a window into the past"!! 

As you will see, a lot of different things inside and outside caught my eye...

As I go back into the past in my mind I see the scenes before me as if I had taken them in black and white film with an old Kodak camera!!

On Track Arts
On Track Arts is located 1 mile off Interstate 10 from exit #637 on Highway 90 West in Harwood, Texas.

The photos shown below are the first and last outdoor sights that caught my attention while on the Texas Highway 90 detour. 

Across the street from the scene in the last two photos is a 24 Hour Diner also "like something out of the past" and it came highly recommended. I saw a great looking burger on their outside sign. Knew what I wanted to order. So, I ventured in...

Got to be about the best burger and onion rings ever!! I once went into a Burger King and told them that I wanted a burger that looks like the photo on their window advertisement and was told, "Good luck on getting that!!" I think that the "Chu Chu Railroad Diner" in Luling, Texas lives up to the burger on their sign outside!! It may now be called the "Edna Diner", not sure.



  1. Thanks for sharing this! My friends Jan and Hal have worked really hard to make On Track Arts a special place!

  2. Some great photos of this store! I enjoyed the black & white options on several of them. Especially liked the b/w of the four buildings in a row.
    Very nice folks who run On Track Arts. Thanks for sharing.