Friday, November 11, 2011


We were very happy to learn that Bill and Linda would be in Goshen while we were in Howe, Indiana. We got together for some great food. Of course, Bill solved the TV problems that DRV hadn't gotten to or figured out yet. This was great, I wouldn't miss Dexter or Homeland!!!!

Great Italian right in downtown Howe.

We had to try Mexican at Maria's in Sturgis, Michigan.

Great steak fajitas!!

A great friend in a great ride. A true Chevy man!!!!

How about my favorite flower photo to date in honor of our great friend!!!! He is disappointed when I do not have a flower in a post!!!! Enjoy, Bill!!!!

I know that I have shown this one before; but, I had to show it again just in case you missed it!!!! I could not see the image as I was taking the photo because the sunlight was too bright. I didn't know what it looked like till I got home and put it on the computer. It is kind of like going to a restaurant for the first time in a strange place. Some times you are surprised and very happy; sometimes disappointed!!!! But if you don't take the time and effort, you may miss a great meal or photo!!!!

Sure wish RV PAINTER would paint his interpretation of my photo of the red flowers!!!! To me the photo looks more like a painting; but it is a photo.

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