Saturday, December 27, 2014

The PRIDE of San Antonio!!

One may remember the January 21, 2014 post, "Mi TierraY Panaderia and Artist/Muralist Robert Ytuarte". It is one of my all-time favorite posts that I have done on PUPPY PATHS. It was a special day. I took the bus from the KOA Alamo Campground to the cafe and then walked the streets between the cafe and the River Walk. By chance I walked straight into a pride of lions!!!

The "New Chapa Lion Mural" by Jesse Tevino depicting people hanging a painting of a pride of lions on the Goodwill building near El Mercado in San Antonio. The figures seen lifting the tile image in place represents the Goodwill's mission, "To help change lives through the power of work."

The Pride of San Antonio!!

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