Monday, December 15, 2014

San Antonio Street Scenes, the Alamo & River Walk!!

While hanging out in Eden, North Carolina with my friends Byron and Mary I have gotten away from doing posts on PUPPY PATHS. Especially since cold weather arrived and there were no flowers. My RVing friend Bill will be happy to see that there are no flowers in this post, kind of like a Christmas card to Linda and him. So, today, after taking Eddie and Doodle on an afternoon walked I looked back at some shots that I took in downtown San Antonio this past January...

I hope to revisit San Antonio this January as I plan to return to New Mexico and Arizona. The above photos are some of the reasons why.

Merry Christmas Bill and Linda!!


  1. OMG these are all just amazing. Steve you have genius eye for composition, color, everything! I am going to savor them for a long while.

  2. Great Pictures. We enjoyed San Antonio a couple of years ago with Don and Lois.
    Merry Christmas from us both.
    Bill and Linda

  3. Nice shots medium steve, San Antonio is a neat place to hang out. Unless you were in basic training in the Air Force as i was. Ha Ha

  4. I especially like the third bus stop photo, One Alamo Center and the last river shot. I see you're experimenting with some special effects. What photo program are you using?

    1. Thank you. I use Picasa 3 to edit photos. It is a free download.