Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foggy Morning PUPPY PATHS Adventure!!

The PUPS and I were up and out at 7:30 this morning. We are staying at the Alamo KOA in San Antonio. It has become one my most favorite RV Parks to date. Stay tuned and you will see just why I feel this way. For one, it is on the bus route and for $1.20 each way one can ride downtown. Parking is $10 to $15 I'm told.

Warmer weather had finally arrived. As a result on our PATH this morning we had... 


That's our Tiffin Allegro Bus barely visionable in the center foreground.

No, it wasn't snowing!! Finally, it was warm!!

Can you see the early morning walker in the above photo?

  Above is the PATH from our campsite toward a county walking and bike PATH... the PUPS want to go on an adventure on this PATH!!

"NO", it is not snowing!! You are seeing things!! It's WARM!!

See, the "snow" has already melted!!

Can you tell that Eddie is raring to go?!?!

As I said in a recent post, Eddie, Doodlebug and I are now on this PATH without Evin and Bumble. I talked with Evin, who is back in North Carolina, this morning and she wanted to see some photos of Eddie. So, hang on, if one chooses to stay tuned, PUPPY PATHS is about to get... 

 Did you notice besides Eddie running that there is a the bus going bye overhead on the bridge.?!?!?

 I keep telling you that it is warm and not snowing!!

The PUPS and I finish our walk and their adventure on this new PATH and we all come back to the "BUS" starving. The PUPS get half a jumbo egg on their leftover dog food and a bite or two of my bacon. Since we had been on the adventure for close to two hours I decided to fix myself an omelet, some bacon and two pieces of toast. I top the toast with the best spoon fruit and preserves made... Traverse City, Michigan's own...

American Spoon!! 

As I am finishing up "brunch", I spy an energetic walker coming up from the pathway. I grab my camera and  go out and ask her for permission to take a photo or two for inspiration. Karen and agrees and...

The PUPS are doing quite well on their new PATH!! 

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