Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Colorado River Kayaking!!

For almost two weeks the PUPS and I have been with some wonderful Escapees in Quartzsite, Arizona. This past Sunday a group of us went to Blythe, California and kayaked on the Colorado River...

Where I parked looked like an oasis.

The staging area.

Delcie in the center leads off. Freddy is to the left and Terry is on the right.



Janice & Jerry

"Big" Steve & Carol Ann on their way to rescue Freddy who got caught in a whirlpool!!

Terry tows in Freddy's kayak.

Jerry helps Freddy drain out the water.

Freddy & Delcie are back paddling away!!

Janice & Jerry paddle up the side of the lagoon.

Looking back to where we started...

A calm oasis.

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