Sunday, June 9, 2013

My morning with Turk's Cap!!

I awoke to an overcast morning sky. An opportunity to capture the "red" of Turk's Cap...



The last three photos in this series are about as good as I can hope to achieve with my current camera - a Nikon D7000. Getting both of the flowers and their pistils in focus in the last Turk's Caps photo was tough. "Red" is a really tough color to capture as is evident in my earlier "Turk's Caps" post. The secret this morning was that it was overcast and about to rain a little.

So many drive or walk by and never see Mother Nature's beautiful creations!!Please take time to see and smell the flowers!!


  1. Nice pictures. You always have great pictures. So where are you? We thought we might get to see you in Sept. when we returned to TX, but had you stayed, it sounds like all we would have been able to do is wave to you in the toll booth. Crazy. We are still in Oregon and will be for four more weeks.

  2. As I write Evin is vaccuming the rig and we leave Somerville Lake for a short visit with my son and his family in Katy tomorrow morning. From there -- ????? We have several options and will decide after a good night or two of sleep. The 16+ hour days have done a number on both of us. Will be happy to retired and on the road once again!!!!!!!!!