Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Evening & Morning @ Somerville Lake

Evin, the PUPS and I started on a new PATH this morning. We are in Katy for a few days and then heading for a visit with a bird dog trainer friend at a plantation in Georgia. The past two days have been two of our nicest days at Somerville Lake. We made some new friends, Neti and Don. Neti enjoys photography as much as I do. Like my son, Chan, Don is a pilot. Don and Neti both retired from American Airlines and live near Somerville Lake and enjoy RVing also. So, here a few photos from our last two days at the lake. Don't miss the 16 hours+ work days.

Sorry, I continued my quest for the perfect Turk's Cap photo. Thanks to Captain Don and Neti we finally got to get on the lake in their boat. We treated them to their first home style burger at Mama's. Believe it or not, I got up this morning to do my first sunrise at the lake.


More later!!


  1. Those cloud reflections are awesome!!!! Great flower photos as well.

    Deep fried onion rings are VERY BAD FOR YOU!!!!!

    I had a heart attack at 49 - 24 years ago so trust me on this one!!!!!!

    It must feel great to be getting back on the road again - after some time in HELL!!!!

    Safe travels

  2. mr Conrad I am soon to pick up 2014 ms, had I read this in march I would not have ordered unit. have tried to be positive after reading negative in forums,hope u are having better luck with the unit,with that many problems,would like to know if it has gotten better for u. can I ask why u would have bought another unit after all that. concerned dave

  3. Moon over the lake pics are great!