Sunday, May 12, 2013

What else, flowers and sunset!!

After a road trip to College Station we stopped off the side of the road and I took a few flower photos. Got back to Yegua Creek Park near sunset and the camera just happened to be in the car...


Nice day before going back to work tomorrow.


  1. Nice pics again. No surprise. Where exactly is the park where you are working? We are headed to a COE campground to boondock for a couple nights near Chico, CA, then on to Oregon.

  2. Somerville Lake in Somerville, Texas. We are about 30 or so miles southwest of College Station and about 85 miles northwest of Houston. As you know, the COE campgrounds are our favorites. This campground has been closed for renovations for almost two years. So, we are not that busy yet. The 16 hour days are long; but, I enjoy being this close to my son and his family. We have been seeing them almost every week. Had only seen my granddaughter two times in four years till now.

    Enjoy your travels in CA and Oregon. Thank you for the comments on my pics. Look forward to seeing your pics!!!!!