Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Around Yegua Creek Park today!!

Today was our third 18-hour day of working. Evin opens up at 6:00 AM and closes the gate house at 10:00 PM!!!! One of us has to be in the gate house all the time. Right now Evin runs the gate house and I prepare all the meals, take care of the PUPS and do all of the 8 security rounds. The PUPS and I patrol the park checking for rule violations and seeing that everyone here belongs here and has paid. We have to use our own vehicle, no golf cart!! Often I will do a round on my bike with Doodle in the basket helping out.
It rained off and on all day. And so it was overcast. A good day to take flower photos...

You know me, I was "busy as a bee" taking photos...


BUT, back to the beginning for a bit...

 There are a lot of deer in the park.


Can you see both cardinals?





Yes, a rather busy day!!


  1. Fantastic photos - you certainly are in "flower heaven!!!!"

  2. Yes, Evin and I are in a blessed and beautiful place. All the photos were taken within a mile or so from where we are parked. Today, I saw three roadrunners on our PATH. Didn't have my camera.