Monday, July 2, 2012

New Mexico photos of Georgia O'Keeffe country.

Evin drug me to the laundry mat in Espanola so I now have WIFI. So I thought I would share some recent photos. We are staying at Riana Campground near Abiquiu, New Mexico until the 5th of July and then on to Utah. It is the area where Goergia O'Keeffe lived the last twenty or so years of her life. I believe you will see why she loved to paint landscapes in this area. An afternoon drive down Hwy. 84 is a true treat in itself.

Scene Evin took in Chama, New Mexico.

Hwy. 84 near Ghost Ranch.

I like road signs. Echo amphitheater rest stop on Hwy. 84.

Kind of looks like a tug boat.

Mother Nature is an artist.
Cliffs look like an ice cream treat!

What a rest stop!!

A mile or so down the highway. Ghost Ranch.

What a scene was before me!! O'Keeffe stayed her until she bought a home in Abiquiu. 

Found another flower for Bill N.!!

Beautiful, BUT thorny!!

Just one more of Ghost Ranch. This time without the fense.

Just a little further down the road. Yes, I also like highway scenes.

Same scene, that's Linda walking to take a canyon/creek photo.

The mountain that Georgia O'Keeffe painted often. What an enchanting landscape!!


  1. That area is at the very top of my "favorites" list. We were there in May and stayed at Riana campground on Abiquiu Lake. Loved everything about it! Beautiful pictures, Steve.
    If you have a chance, take the dirt road to the monastery. Beautiful drive. A little rough, but beautiful.

    1. We went to the monastery and enjoyed the drive as much as any place we have been. Thought of kayaking on the Rio Chama but it looked a little rough. Using Linda's air card to do this, so, I will do more posts with more photos later.

      Did you go to Monument Valley after you left Abiquiu? Did you go to Zion from here?

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Great Photos!!!

    Nobody's as good as Mother Nature;o)))

    1. Thanks. Will share more when I have internet.

  3. Nice photos. I've done a lot of plein air painting at Ghost Ranch - beautiful country!

    1. Thanks, I miss reading your blog. Be glad when I have internet. Met a plein air painter in Taos. Shared your blog with her.