Thursday, June 21, 2012

In & Around Taos, New Mexico

"Girlfriend/Cousin" Phyllis, a tour guide extraordinary, suggested that the PUPS, Evin and I spend at least a few days in Taos, New Mexico. We, along with Linda and her pups, have now been near Taos almost two weeks. We have made many new friends and seen some beautiful sites. I just finished this post and some how, I lost it. So here I go again.

Here is where we a currently parked. Sierra Valley Campground. Linda is to the far left and we are next to her where you see the red and orange kayaks. Although the photo has my watermark, it was taken by our new friend, Paul. I just did some editing.

Ken, the owner of Sierra Valley Campground.

Ken suggested that we take the Enchanted Circle drive. So we did. There was a lot of natural beauty as well as the First National Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Evin and Linda also suggested that I do a spaghetti dinner for our new friends after our day trip. The photos will tell the tale.

There were some beautiful flowers on the grounds.

Below the memorial was a large valley. Two towns, Angel Fire and Eagle Nest were in the valley.

Eagle Nest Lake.

We saw cows and...

... a cowboy!!!!

We would come back to Eagle Nest Lake the next day for a picnic and kayaking.


And, yes, Bill, I stopped and looked down and saw some...

We took ranch road off the highway and ...



What a trip, and now I have to cook dinner for 12. Later...