Friday, October 28, 2011

One The Road Again!!!!

Finally, we are packing and getting ready to go to Howe, Indiana to DRV to pick up our new home. But, first, I just had to look at the flowers that were blooming at the cabin in Lenoir so Bill N. would not think I wasn't thinking flowers as we were about to leave.

I found a seed pod on the bush and just had to show it to you!

Doddle was set on go!! Likes her new ride!!

Without June and David's help we would probably still be loading.


With June's guidance it actually looked much better than this. Later!!
Time to get on the road!!

Heading toward a tunnel in West Virginia.

Stopped to get fuel and just had to take a photo for Bill!!

Pit stop on the West Virginia Turnpike.

It's Fall. Time for state fairs and carnival rides!!

The first day on the road we spent the night with J. R. and Di in West Liberty, Ohio. Some of Di's great fried chicken and her wonderful peach custard pie!!!! Had thunder and lightning as a cold front was coming through.

Made from scratch!! Can't believe I almost ate the whole thing!!!!!!!

A wind farm made our day interesting!!

An interesting rest stop!!

The ships from outer space have landed!!!!

Look at what was on the PUPPIES' PATH today!! What a great rest stop!!!!

More beauty!!

Again, a great rest stop! Meet two very nice ladies that thought I was a professional doing a photo add campaign for the state of Ohio!!!!

Well, we got about ten miles from DRV, getting excited, and the phone rings and it is Tom, the factory rep for DRV, saying that our RV is not there. Onan put in the wrong generator and it will be at least two days before it is back at the factory. So, after some tears on Evin's part, I looked for a photo opportunity. And one was not far away...

Well, there is always tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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  1. Great Photos!!

    Sorry about the delay, but it will all be worth the wait. Just remember, you could be sitting at home waiting for the house to sell ;o(( You are out there having new adventures all the time:o)) Enjoy the journey!!

    Safe travels and happy trails......