Saturday, October 15, 2011


Evin and I could hardly wait to get to the "Carolina Clan Rally" at Cheraw State Park in Cheraw, South Carolina. RV-Dreams friends were going to be there for lots of fun, food, conversation, campfires, hiking and kayaking. We all were excited and were ready to:


But first, we had to take the correct entrance --

Entrance to the campground...

The road into the campground...

First view of Lake Juniper...

Nancy and Tricia on their way to the spillway.

Looking over the edge!!

Evin being led by Doodle following Bill, Tricia and Dan on the boardwalk.

Jill and Nancy follow.

Gin and Syl.

Don't know about the oak, but the turkey part on the sign seems right on....

In the front in a bunch -- Eddie, Bumble and Doodle.
In the rear, no, that was the other photo, in the back -- left to right...
Evin, Bruce, Laura, Bill, Nancy, Dan, Tricia and Jill.
I was there taking the photo.

We took the trail to the right!!! And then some...

Evin being a good girl scout!!!!

Dan, aka:  The Hobbit!!

Don't know about scenic, how about a great big cool puddle!!

Yea, scenic!!

MORE to COME!!!!

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