Saturday, August 13, 2016

A YEAR -- 365 days without Doodlebug


Eddie was in Evin's and my lives for only 7 years. We miss him every day and think and talk of him often. We cannot think of Doodle without also thinking of Eddie for they were truly a pair looking for fun and adventure together.

Evin and I were blessed to have Doodlebug in our lives for over 15 years. She is truly missed as is Eddie. Our fond memories of the both of them still brings tears to our eyes but also bittersweet smiles.

This morning I cried on the way to the YMCA for our daily workout. My brain functions much better when I get fresh oxygen to it for an extended period of time. When I got on the exercise bike my phone alerted me that I had a text message. Below is the message my dear friend, Dana, sent me. What perfect timing and thoughtful kindness on Dana's part. That's just the kind of friend Dana is...

Truly a faithful companion.
June 2000 - August 13, 2015

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