Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PART 3: Our RV PATH of Dreams Changes!!

Changes are taken place in rapid succession. Yesterday, the brick masons came and started bricking the house. Under the front porch will be natural stone. The dormers will have vinyl that looks like cedar shake.

The photos is this post were taken before noon today. At the rate the masons and their helpers are moving the house will be bricked before the end of the week.

Scaffolding is going up and soon the left side of the house will be bricked.

Then comes the lakeside of the house...

That's the progress this morning!!

So, later this afternoon I go back and ...

..two sides of the garage is bricked!!

Half the house is now bricked. Johnny, the brick mason contractor, estimates that he and his crew will need four more days to finish. The outside natural stone work will come later.

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