Saturday, August 9, 2014

ROBERT & His Peaceful Place

Last summer my father was dying from cancer and we would often go to the Dairy Center in Newton for lunch. Often, on the way back to Abernethy Laurels Assisted Living Facility we would stop and visit Robert and his flowers. Robert is a throat cancer survivor. 

Today, after visiting my mother, a wheelchair bound Alzheimer's patient, I went to the Dairy Center, now alone. After lunch, I stopped by and was elated to see that Robert was in his familiar rocky chair and as welcoming and pleasant as I remember. He kindly allow me to wander his grounds in a gentle rain with my camera. From time to time, I would go talk with him and share shots of his flowers that I had taken last summer when my father was along. 

My hearing is not what it once was because of all the shooting ranges and Robert's voice is now but a whisper. We both smiled and nodded our heads as I shared the photos of his flowers from last season. Today, I took but a few shots as I was mainly there for the memories and Robert's company...

Robert in a familiar seat 
and below are his famous saucer sized hibiscus 
and some other beauties.

Notice Robert's philosophy of life on the door to his store, "CHRIST is FIRST, YOU ARE SECOND, WELCOME NEIGHBOR"!!


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