Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lynn Shoots A Mercury RV!!!!!

A little over a week ago I moved from Payson, Arizona to Durango, Colorado to spend a few days on the Animus River with my WINs friend Pat. She told me that she was going to spend some time with her friend Sue and Sue's friend Lynn. She also advised that Lynn was a professional photographer. 

I enjoyed my time with them and two days ago I packed up to leave Durango, possibly heading back to North Carolina in anticipation of flying to New Hampshire for my grandson Aidan's high school graduation. Evin has agreed to keep Eddie and Doodlebug while I am in New Hampshire. By the way, I am very proud of Aidan. He is Salutatorian of his class and he will follow in both his parents' footsteps and attend the United States Air Force Academy.

As I was putting the RV's slides in for travel, Pat comes over and tells me that Lynn had called and had invited me to go "shooting" some old barns near Pagosa Springs. It didn't take much thinking for me to decide to stay an extra day.

On the way to "shoot" the barns we spied...

...what appeared to be some early RV prototype?!?!?!?

So, I make a hasty U turn and we go knocking on doors to get permission to "shoot" this strange "beast"!!

No one was home so we both started shooting from all directions. 

Do you see the cameraman's reflection in the shot above?!?!


A camerawoman's reflection in the two shots below?!?!

Above is Lynn, studying the subject of the moment in a very fun and busy day doing what we both just love to do!!

And stayed tuned for some neat old barns which will follow in a later post!! Here's a preview...

Thanks for calling Lynn!!

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