Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tonto National Monument

In a recent post I shared that I have been walking and hiking a lot to hopefully rehab my injured right knee. Some have asked for evidence of my adventures. So, I will go back and share a few hikes in the next post or two or three. 

Tonto National Monuments has several cliff dwellings. The upper cliff dwelling is a good uphill hike and is done by reservation and on only certain days during a limited time frame. I was lucky to be at Roosevelt Lake during one of those times and was able to get a spot...

The two holes you see in the mountain in the background are the Tonto National Monument cliff dwellings. This shot  and the one below were taken from the PUPS' and my campsite.

Above is a view of the campground where the PUPS and I are staying.

On the way down I paused to take a photo of an Arizona poppy.

The next morning I rewarded myself for the hike with my favorite breakfast!!

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