Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Campground, Rest Stop and Walmart!!

Sunday was moving day. We left the campground that had been our home for the past 30 days around 4 PM. This means more rest stops and Walmart parking lots.We are on our way North and plan to make a stop in Mississippi and visit our friend Russell. Then, depended on whether or not I am able to settle my father's estate, we will either head to North Carolina or back to Texas for the Holidays.

We have really enjoyed our family time with Trent, Amber, Whit and Aislyn. Evin and I especially enjoyed getting to know "AZ". We took in a lot of Whit's ball games and I played a little golf. Of course, I also found a flower or two to take a few shots of.

Doodle was still under the weather. So, she wanted to be out in the sun in her lounge chair while we packed up the motor home for our journey. Eddie and Bumble also wanted to take in a few rays and pose for a few photos. After all, the name of this blog is PUPPY PATHS...

Doodle in her lounge chair.

 Bumble prefers the shade of the picnic table instead of the hot sun.

 Eddie asked, "How is this for a pose?!?!?"

Site 76 @ Houston West RV Park.

On Interstate 10 between mile markers 815 and 816 is a very nice safety rest stop. We arrived at sunset...

Had to get a little artsy!!

Of course when I saw some hibiscus bushes, a few calla lilies, and some Turk's caps, I had to take a few shots while there was still enough light to see...

It was dark by the time I got to the calla lilies...

Evin and I also cooked a great meal at the rest stop -- rib eyes with salad, baked potatoes and corn on the cobb. Topped off with a banana split made with Blue Bell ice cream. Now that is the way to travel!!

On to the Walmart in Lake Charles, Louisiana...
 The PUPS wanted to go on a morning walk despite a misty rain. Guess what I saw on our PATH??!?



The Lake Charles Walmart was next to a lake or river.

We left the Walmart midmorning and soon we were seeing lots of yellow flowers on the roadside. I stood it as long as I could and finally had to stop and take a few shots...

We got Cleveland close to dark. We enjoyed our two day and 520 mile journey. I hope you enjoy the photos I took the time to take.
Again, beauty is all around. One just has to stop and take the time to see what is right in front on them.


  1. Replies
    1. Did the "bee" photo last just for you. I thought you would like it. The photos with the Turk's cap fruit are my favorites. That rest stop was a special place.

  2. Will we see you in the Keys this winter?

    Tim Hall