Sunday, September 8, 2013

Plant Kindness, Gather LOVE...

Just in case you wonder where we have been for the past couple of weeks, I will explain in this post. Our dear friend Stewart Bennett passed after a long and courageous battle with colon cancer. We left Hickory on Tuesday, August 14, and set out on our way to Aurora for her memorial. Along the way we stopped and visited friends and family in High Point, Durham, Greenville,  and Bath before going on to Virginia, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Sometimes I took photos and sometimes I didn't. I will share some of those photos in this post.

One of our first visits was with Peggy and John. Peggy is my dear friend and former co-worker. Hanging on their sun room wall is the above message. It is oh so true. Being a flower and plant lover, this simple message really spoke to me.
But first, before we left Lake Hickory RV Resort I just had to taken a few more photos of Aileen's flowers and some of my favorites in the campground...

Now back to Peggy and John (shown below), who live on a beautiful farm just outside Durham...

We spent the night in the "Bus" in John and Peggy's drive. From there we journeyed to Greenville and had lunch with our friends, Tom and Carol. Of course, I used my phone to take a few shots at lunch...

Tom looks so much like my childhood friend Charles. They could almost be twins.



 Look at these Conrad feet. All the guys are 6 feet tall or above.

Gathered some love in New Hampshire:
Grandson Kagan, age 13, on the far left followed by Grandson Aidan, age 18, and his girl friend Veronica, and Grandson Liam, age 15.


  1. Welcome back - great flower and rain drop photos

  2. Glad to be back. Just got to Red Bay, Alabama and will be parked for several days where I will be sitting and doing posts with the Tiffin Motorhome crew works on the "Bus". I have enjoyed your recent works.