Wednesday, December 5, 2012


After a very frustrating year and a few months, we decided to "jack up" the "Elite Suite" and run another RV under it. We decided to do what we started to do last time; buy a motor home. After a lot of research, shopping and test driving, we went with a 40 foot Tiffin Allegro Bus. It is all electric, has four slides (and TVs) and has a bath and a half.

Welcome to our new home!!
Doodlebug and Eddie's favorite place to hang out at Knights Key RV Resort and Marina, Marathon, Florida!!!!!

Breakfast this morning!
Head on view of our new home with the DRV and Chevy behind it...
Our old RV parked behind our new home for the transfer of all our household goods...
Eddie, Bumble and Doodle "staking out" @ their new home!!!

So glad to be back at Knights Key and the beautiful sunsets!!

Oh, those glorious sunsets!!!!


  1. We are flabbergasted by how beautiful your new 40' Allegro bus!!! YOu will have to give "Her"? a name. Also, these sunset shots are so beautiful they almost hurt!

  2. How do you like your Allegro bus as compared to your elite suites? I am happy I read your blog as I had no idea of all the problems with Elite Suites and was considering getting one. . . until I saw your blog ;) Thank you for the warning !