Monday, September 19, 2011

In the "DAWG HOUSE" or the Pups on the Path to the Carolina Clan Rally!!!!

In April at the RV-Dreams Rally it was decided that those of us in North and South Carolina that could would meet at Cheraw State Park in September. Evin and I have ordered our new RV but it is being built. We needed to find a pet friendly place near the state park. We lucked out and found the perfect getaway:  The DAWG HOUSE!!!

We were less than 3 miles from Cheraw State and not much further from the quaint village of Cheraw:  An elegant Old Town with gorgeous antebellum homes, award winning Golf and a fence that plays "Salt Peanuts"!!!!

Cheraw is the birthplace of "Dizzy" Gillespie.

We'll go to the state park in the next post!!

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